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CyberSource Standard Business Edition offered by Bank of America Merchant Services, is an easy-to-implement, reliable, and powerful online payment processing service. It gives you the ability to process all major credit cards via your website and process Retail "card-present" payments (hand-keyed or swiped), mail order, and phone/fax order payments using a web-based virtual terminal.

Within your CyberSource Business Center, you can manage your account settings, setup user accounts and manage permissions, establish fraud controls, store customer profiles for on-demand and recurring billing payments, look-up transactions and print out comprehensive reports - all from a single, Web-based interface.

CyberSource product features that meet your business needs...

Payment Tools
  • Card-Present Virtual Terminal and Simple Order API

  • Transaction "Batch File" Processing with a Web-based Interface

  • Subscription Payments are accessible with a Web-based Interface and/or API

Fraud Controls
  • CyberSource Smart Authorization

    • Address Verification Service (AVS)
    • Card Verification Number Check (CVV2, CVC2, CID)
    • Transaction Threshold Limits
    • "Gibberish" Checks
    • Obscenity Checks
    • USA "Patriot Act" Compliance (Denied Parties Check)

  • CyberSource Payer Authentication

Reporting and Management

There is flexibility in how CyberSource provides reports and transaction data back to you on your transactions. You can also programmatically download reports with our Reporting API.

Connection Methods

Merchants and developers have multiple connection methods that can be used to establish online payment acceptance for a website or custom application.

Support Services
  • Online "Knowledgebase" and support request system 24 x 7
  • Speak with a "LIVE" Customer Support representative via telephone (6am-6pm Pacific Time)
  • Online Help, Documentation, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) available

For fastest service, contact the Bank of America representative that referred you. For more information about CyberSource and signing up for a merchant account, call (toll-free) 877.837.9022 to speak with a Bank of America representative today.