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Bank of America and CyberSource together have a few offerings to insure the perfect fit. There are two pre-packaged offerings available that can be setup and ordered directly from your Bank of America sales representative. They offer a great value and are listed below.

The CyberSource Enterprise (Advanced) payment gateway is sold directly by CyberSource while maintaining compatibility with your Bank of America merchant account. Ask your Bank of America account representative which solution better fits your business and payment acceptance needs.

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Standard Business Package Options

SBB = Payment + Smart Authorization

SBC = Payment + Smart Authorization + Payer Authentication

(Use the chart below to reference the available features for each package)

Major Card Types X X
Virtual Terminal X X
Subscription Payments X X
Batch File Upload Interface X X
Address Verification Service (AVS) X X
Card Verification Number (CVN, CVV, CID) X X
CyberSource Smart Authorization
Get more fraud protection than a standard authorization. Place ordered into a "review" status based on conditions that you establish.
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • AVS checks
  • Card Verification checks
  • Obscenity check
  • Nonsensical "Gibberish" data check
  • Billing/Shipping Address Match checks
  • Denied Parties check (helps prevent sales to denied persons as mandated by the US Patriot Act)
CyberSource Payer Authentication
Authentication services provided by Visa and MasterCard to help protect merchants against fraud.

CyberSource Enterprise (Advanced) Edition

  • Interested in our Premier Payment Management Service used by many of the elite Fortune 100 and 500 companies?

  • Has your business "outgrown" the traditional Payment Gateway and need services that are more robust, feature rich, and proven in the industry?

  • Do you want to partner with a Payment Management company with a Global Reach, Global Processing Capabilities, specializes in effective and patented Fraud Prevention Technology while maintaining your Bank of America merchant account and banking services?

See a comparison!   [PDF]

If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, the CyberSource Enterprise (Advanced) Payment Gateway may be the choice for you!
  • Is your business processing 4000 or more transactions per month and growing?

  • Does your business need multiple merchant account capabilities?

  • Does your business need to process in multiple countries and currencies besides USD?

  • Does your business need Advanced Fraud Protection/Monitoring Tools and possibly want to outsource your Risk Management to a trusted provider?

  • Does your business need to process large batch file transactions through an API?

  • Do you need Professional Consulting for integration, development and/or "managed services" on a large-market, Enterprise level?

  • Do you need to work with an integrator and/or is there a special interface like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc. that can only be integrated using the Enterprise (Advanced) Payment Gateway?

Talk to your Bank of America Commercial, Corporate, or Treasury sales representative or complete the following form to have a CyberSource Account Executive contact you on behalf of your Bank of America representative.

The Enterprise (Advanced) payment gateway is only available on a direct contract with CyberSource at this time.


For fastest service, contact the Bank of America representative that referred you. For more information about CyberSource and signing up for a merchant account, call (toll-free) 877.837.9022 to speak with a Bank of America representative today.