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How Payment Processing Works

Follow the payment process from the click of a buyer to order confirmation. Learn how payment data flows between a merchant, CyberSource, banks & 3rd party processors.

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How Payment Processing Works
  • Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile

    Accept payments from any browser – web or mobile, while benefiting from language packs and other easily configurable options.

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    Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile
  • SOAP Toolkit API

    Build your own client using CyberSource's tools. The SOAP Toolkit provides all of the same scalability, services & control as Simple Order API.

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    SOAP Toolkit API
  • Batch Upload

    Use Offline File Submission to send CyberSource your transactions in batches, instead of submitting each one individually.

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    Batch Upload
  • Virtual Terminal

    Use CyberSource's easiest payment solution to enter credit card orders, issue credits, and generate receipts. Your Virtual Terminal can be up & running in 15 minutes.

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    Virtual Terminal
  • Secure Acceptance Silent Order POST

    Host your own order page and post payment data to CyberSource to process each transaction.

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    Secure Acceptance Silent Order POST
  • Simple Order API

    Scalability, full range of services & more control for developers. CyberSource provides the client software.

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    Simple Order API
  • Reporting & Reconciliation

    Streamline the management of your payment process operations using the CyberSource Business Center. Services include payment activity & performance reports, and auto-reconciled CyberSource Merchant Account reports.

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    Reporting & 

  • Payment Security

    Make your payment system more secure by eliminating the storage & capture of payment data and reducing your PCI & payment data footprint. Services include remote secure storage, hosted payment acceptance, payment systems centralization, and vulnerability scanning.

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    Payment Security
  • Global Payment Services

    Transact payments in over 190 countries and fund in 21 currencies. Services include credit & electronic check processing, recurring billing, PayPal, Bill Me Later®, and automated payment reconciliation.

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Payment Services
  • Fraud Management

    Stop fraud loss closer to its inception, quickly detect good orders, and reduce manual review & tuning fraud processes. Services include our Global Fraud Management Portal: Decision Manager, managed risk services, and payer authentication.

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    Fraud Management