Integration Methods

Each Integration Method features a different way for payment information to enter CyberSource's system. We offer fast and simple methods and more advanced options that provide greater flexibility and control. Determine which Integration Method best matches your business' needs, learn how each method works, its advantages, and the technical skills required.

In addition to the Integration Methods Matrix, you can also use Enterprise Platform Integrations.

Secure Acceptance Web / Mobile

Accept payments from any browser – web or mobile, while benefiting from language packs and other easily configurable option.

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Secure Acceptance Silent Order POST

Host your own order page and post payment data to CyberSource to process each transaction.

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Virtual Terminal

Use CyberSource's easiest payment solution to enter credit card orders, issue credits, and generate receipts. Your Virtual Terminal can be up & running in 15 minutes.

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Simple Order API

Scalability, full range of services & more control for developers. CyberSource provides the client software.

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SOAP Toolkit API

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Batch Upload

Use Offline File Submission to send CyberSource your transactions in batches, instead of submitting each one individually.

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