Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile

CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile allows businesses to accept payments made online, over the phone, and through mobile devices without ever handling toxic payment data, significantly reducing PCI DSS scope. It includes many additional benefits that reduce the burden and complexity of payment acceptance for IT departments and improves the checkout process for consumers.

Who is a good candidate to use a Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile?

Businesses who:

  • Don't want the risk of handling or storing sensitive payment data on their own servers
  • Want to achieve and maintain payment security (PCI) certification faster and easier
  • Value the ability to add/drop payment types and make other changes to the checkout pages without code change
  • Require mobile optimized checkout screens
  • Require checkout pages in different languages
  • Have a resource familiar with basic Perl, PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET or Ruby scripting and host their own server, or use a hosting provider that supports these scripting languages
  • Want to accept payments on our secure URL that looks to be part of their own store

A Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile is probably not right for you if...

  • You already have your own PCI DSS compliant order form or don't want to outsource
  • You need full customization control of your payment page

What are the main advantages of using the Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile?

  • Security Compliance—hosted services mean faster and easier PCI certification
  • Reduced Risk—no need to handle or store sensitive account data
  • Mobile Optimization – users on mobile devices are presented with the best checkout experience
  • Global Ready – Language packs cover all major ecommerce markets and more
  • Easy Trials and Testing – Changes to the checkout pages are easily configured
  • Supports 1-click checkout – When integrated with CyberSource Tokenization, returning customers can be taken directly to the Review Order page. Tokenization allows you to access securely-stored account data for easy future payments.
  • Low Maintenance—leave compliance and order page maintenance to us
  • Speed—faster and easier than implementing your own checkout page, especially if you need to begin accepting online orders quickly
  • Basic Customizing—customize basic visual elements and messaging for your customers
  • Virtually Transparent—customers move seamlessly from your product pages to our hosted order form

What technical skills are required?

Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile is very easy to implement and requires minimal scripting knowledge. We offer sample code in Perl, PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET and Ruby. The three main actions are:

  • Generate a security key within the CyberSource environment. Place it onto your own Web server to validate your identity to our systems
  • Configure your order page by accepting defaults or customizing it
  • Modify your Web script (copy and paste) so that an HTML "Buy" button appears on your checkout page

You can implement the Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile in two ways:

  • Default: use the default receipt/decline pages and messages with limited customization options
  • Customized: have full control to use your own receipt/decline pages and messages
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