Fraud Management

CyberSource provides a complete suite of fraud management services to help you manage the entire life cycle of payment fraud, including account creation and takeover risk. CyberSource is your single-touch point to a world of risk data intelligence, powerful analytics customised to your region and industry, and risk experts on six continents. CyberSource can help you accept more good orders, streamline operations, and minimise payment risk.

Decision Manager

  • Just added! Decision Manager Replay, the first real-time 'What If?' rules analysis tool
  • Includes fraud management system featuring the World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar
  • Automatically screens and sorts orders per your business rules—no IT coding required
  • Incorporates sophisticated risk models, business rule console, case management system, and reports
  • Works with any payment system

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Managed Risk Services

  • Assigned fraud expert(s) to help you optimise results
  • Options: consulting and monitoring to complete outsourcing
  • Ability to get started without a learning curve
  • Customised reporting for your business needs

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Payer Authentication

  • One connection to 3D Secure
  • Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, SafeKey, J/Secure
  • Limited your chargeback liability on qualifying transactions
  • Works with any payment system

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Account Takeover Protection

  • Protect online accounts from unauthorised use
  • Monitor for suspicious activity at account creation, login and account updates
  • Preserve customer loyalty with a secure online environment
  • Integrated with Decision Manager case management

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Loyalty Fraud Management

  • Avoid fraud as your loyalty program grows
  • Recognise genuine purchases and redemptions of points or miles
  • Monitor for suspicious activity at account creation, login and account updates

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Delivery Address Verification

  • Ability to verify typed address and correct invalid city/state/postcode 
  • Available for orders originating in over 200 countries and territories

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