Decision Manager

Announcing new real-time 'What If?' Rules Analysis Tool for CyberSource Decision Manager

The only fraud management platform with the World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar, Decision Manager increases fraud visibility more than 200 times, even for top merchants. Now, with the addition of Decision Manager Replay, our latest enhancement to the Tuning & Analytics component of the Decision Manager platform you can:

  • Compare various 'what-if' fraud rule profiles against your own historical data
  • Produce a real-time report of likely changes to the transaction disposition and fraud rate
  • Confidently quantify rule changes prior to activation in the live production environment

CyberSource risk models include truth data from Visa Inc. and payment processors to improve accuracy on every transaction. Decision Manager gives you the ability to customise rules and models to your specific business, across all sales channels, including web, mobile, call centre, and kiosks.

Decision Manager works with any payment system.


World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar

  • Data intelligence from the more than 60 billion transactions Visa and CyberSource process annually
  • Transaction truth data from Visa Inc., payment processors, and global merchant base
  • More than 260 fraud detectors using device fingerprint, IP geolocation, and other data
  • More than 10 predictive risk models by region and industry
  • Risk intelligence gleaned across transactions from every continent

Flexible Rules Engine

  • Flexible business interface for rule creation—no IT coding
  • Pre-loaded sample rules speed startup
  • Customizable CyberSource risk score
  • Enables rule-based score development

Integrated Case Review Dashboard

  • Consolidates outsorted order information for faster manual review
  • Reasons for outsorting ranked by relevance
  • Built-in 3rd-party verification services speed review
  • Decisioning with click-through visual link analysis
  • Queue management: automatically route and prioritize cases

Tuning and Real-Time Reporting

  • View real-time reports dashboard
  • Assess financial impact, system reports, review team performance
  • Click through to transaction level detail for every report
  • Test new rules in passive mode before switching into live production
  • Powerful analytics including Decision Manager Replay to test various new rule performance
  • Patent Pending technology

Flexible Platform

  • Implement as stand-alone system or with other CyberSource services


CyberSource Decision Manager helps you:

  • Prevent fraud loss by stopping fraud closer to its inception
  • Ensure positive customer experiences by detecting more good orders quickly
  • Lower operating costs by reducing manual order review
  • Control results with real-time financial and operating performance reports
  • Tune and optimize operations without reliance on IT resources

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