Payer Authentication

CyberSource Payer Authentication services allow you to easily implement Verified by Visa, MasterCard® SecureCode™, American Express SafeKey® and JCB J/Secure™ through one connection, capturing the online payment guarantees offered by these major card programs.

Payer authentication programs (also referred to as 3-D Secure) help increase both cardholder and merchant confidence in internet purchases, and help reduce disputes and fraudulent activity.

Additionally, the new CyberSource Rules-Based Payer Authentication service allows you to configure rules (based on issuer and cardholder participation levels) to determine when to authenticate. The CyberSource Rules-Based Payer Authentication service can help improve the checkout experience and reduce abandonment.



  • One connection to implement multiple payer authentication programs
  • Support for Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express
    SafeKey and JCB J/Secure
  • Managed upgrades and updates, as payer authentication programs change
  • Same connection as other CyberSource services
  • Can be purchased as a stand-alone service
  • Flexibility to choose when to authenticate (CyberSource Rules-Based Payer Authentication service)


The CyberSource Payer Authentication services give you the ability to:

  • Easily implement and maintain payer authentication through a single
  • Improve the checkout experience
  • Decrease checkout abandonment
  • Reduce your liability on applicable chargebacks*
  • Benefit from potential interchange reduction on authenticated

* consult with your acquirer for details

Implementation Guides

Payer Authentication Using the Simple Order API
Payer Authentication Using the SCMP API