Payer Authentication

CyberSource Payer Authentication Service gives you the online payment guarantees offered by Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and other card brands. These programs verify the cardholder's identity directly with the card issuing bank in real-time to increase payment security and reduce the risk of fraud.


  • Provides one-connection access across multiple brands
  • Supports Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey, JCB J/Secure
  • Includes automatic upgrades and updates as programs change
  • Implements easily via one connection (stand-alone or with other CyberSource services)
  • Works with any payment system


  • Reduce online credit card fraud and customer disputes
  • Receive chargeback protection from the card brands on qualifying transactions

Implementation Guides

Payer Authentication Using the Simple Order API
Payer Authentication Using the SCMP API