PayPal® PayPal

Allows you to easily transact PayPal payments through a single connection to CyberSource. Complements your other payment options and helps capture incremental sales from customers who prefer to use PayPal when buying online.

Key Features

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal recurring payments
  • Issue full/partial credits to a PayPal account
  • Multi-currency support (transaction and funding)
  • Implements via CyberSource interface – one connection for all payment types
  • Consolidated reporting and search with other payment types
  • PCI compliant implementation

Key Benefits

  • Capture incremental sales – engage customers that prefer PayPal
  • Easier to manage – one payment interface provides access to PayPal and other payment types
  • More fraud control – CyberSource's global portal provides additional fraud detection
  • Streamlined reconciliation – consolidated reporting across payment types
  • One source for support

How to Enable PayPal Express Checkout

  • PayPal Express Checkout Services Using the Simple Order API     PDF | HTML
  • PayPal Express Checkout Services Using the SCMP API     PDF | HTML