Secure IVR Payment

Integrated with CyberSource's payment management infrastructure Secure IVR Payment provides a fully secure payment transaction platform managed outside of your environment. The risks associated with the capture, transmission and storage of payment data are mitigated as Secure IVR transmits sensitive payment information to a CyberSource PCI DSS certified data centre.

Key Features

  • Includes telephone numbers, lines, ports, and servers
  • Fault-free reliability
  • Option to route calls to our PCI DSS compliant call centre
  • Multi-lingual caller interaction across the globe
  • Integrates with CyberSource payment tokenisation and gateway, and existing customer order management systems

Key Benefits

  • Removes sensitive payment data from your systems
  • Reduces PCI DSS scope and associated compliance costs
  • Scalable solution handles seasonal peaks and long term growth without impacting current infrastructure