Optimizing Fraud Management

Managing online payment fraud is becoming more complex as your customers engage across multiple channels and devices. Insufficient data insights result in fraud loss, valid transaction rejection and needless manual review. CyberSource can help you improve the efficiency of your fraud management process.

Increase Your Fraud Visibility 200X*

  • World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar: data insights from the more than
    60 billion transactions Visa Inc. and CyberSource process annually, plus
    over 260 validation tests—all correlated in about one second— to help
    boost detection accuracy
  • Cross-channel Fraud Management System: configures to your channel
    strategies and business policies
  • Fraud Alerts: near real time notification of customer confirmed fraud helps
    stop fulfillment of fraudulent orders

Automate and Speed Transaction Review

  • Better automated screening helps reduce need for manual review
  • Case management system consolidates and spotlights information to speed
  • In-system validation tools help eliminate need for additional data entry
    systems interaction
  • Visual display of linkage between orders aids rapid order disposition

Scale Expertise and Capacity Without Adding Resources

  • Experienced Fraud Analysts: help monitor and tune your process based on
    worldwide trends
  • Order Review Experts Worldwide: accommodate peak season volume or
    global expansion without adding review staff

*As compared to the average top 100 merchant, worldwide