Managed Risk Services

Complement your in-house skills and resources with our global team of fraud management experts. Managed risk analysts serving clients on six continents help you optimize CyberSource Decision Manager results and scale operations. This global knowledge network helps identify new fraud trends before they impact your business. Count on CyberSource to be your trusted partner as your business expands.


Performance Monitoring

  • Two levels of service, both including customized reporting:
  1. An assigned Risk Analyst actively manages your fraud strategies and Decision Manager configuration, in consultation with you, to meet performance metrics
  2. An assigned Risk Analyst performs analysis and makes best practice recommendations. You manage and configure Decision Manager
  • Regional teams with local knowledge serving six continents
  • Managed risk analysts with fraud expertise from your industry

Screening Management

  • Outsourced fraud operations service (automated screening and manual review)
  • Ability to use for all operations or selected markets, or for peak volume overflow
  • Includes Performance Monitoring services plus team of review experts
  • Staffed globally to provide 24/7 coverage
  • Includes agreement to performance metrics


Our team of multi-industry risk analysts, representing more than 450 years of global fraud fighting experience, help you:

  • Accept more good orders and reduce fraud by optimizing Decision Manager configuration
  • Open new channels by providing risk management insights and guidance
  • More safely expand into new markets by leveraging the knowledge of our local risk experts
  • Handle peak season volume by supplementing your team with experienced review resources