Delivery Address Verification

CyberSource Delivery Address Verification automatically verifies the address of an online customer. Available for more than 200 countries, it is particularly useful for avoiding the misrouting of shipments—especially for those shipping:

  • a high volume of goods,
  • high-valued goods, and
  • high-weight goods.

This service can also be used for consumer promotions to deter 'same-household' registrations, as well as "cleaning" customer data before populating marketing databases.

Key Features

  • International address verification for 200+ countries
  • Validation and/or correction of customer delivery address in 2 seconds
  • Automatic correction of common customer typing errors
  • Identification of address flaws
  • Confidence values when returning address correction results

Key Benefits

  • Nearly eliminates shipping and customer service costs associated with addressing errors
  • Reduces chance of duplicate address entries in consumer marketing databases

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