Export Compliance

CyberSource Export Compliance service gives businesses the ability to comply with U.S. Government's Export Administration Regulations to avoid export violations, which can result in heavy fines, jail sentences, and limitation of export privileges. The service compares order information against denied parties' databases (listed below). In addition, geo-location technology is used to validate the information submitted by a customer. A secondary check on the transaction history of the IP address is performed to identify any inconsistencies in ship-to or bill-to requests. Export Compliance includes the Denied Parties Check service (see below).

Key Features

  • Verification of purchaser information and geographic location in real-time
  • Checks on both the ship-to and bill-to address in a submitted order
  • Use of IP address and email domain geo-location to verify the location
  • Support of a configurable match criteria to meet your export compliance guidelines
  • Configurable check for orders that are submitted by a person or business in a territory that falls outside a business' distribution or export compliance agreements
  • Return of detailed information to be used for reviewing declines:
    - actual match name and address
    - all known aliases and addresses associated withthe match
    - the top 3 matches in case of multiple close matches
    - the name and government entity responsible for the list on
      which the match occurred

Key Benefits

  • Comply with government regulations
  • Avoid export violations, which can result in heavy fines, jail sentences, and limitation of export privileges
  • Manage distribution of digitally or physically-fulfilled products in real-time

About the Database Lists

Department of Treasury and the Department of Commerce. CyberSource accesses lists are developed by several U.S. Government organizations, such as the these lists through various sources and updates its system as frequently as daily. CyberSource's proprietary system allows a real-time check against these lists during a credit card authorization and/or fraud screen and also includes "fuzzy logic" to account for slightly misspelled or abbreviated street, city and name variations.

  1. Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list, including Terrorists, Narcotics Traffickers, Blocked Persons and Vessels. Issued by the Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control
  2. Denied Persons List (BXA) U.S. Department of Commerce, issued by the Bureau of Export Administration, includes Individuals that have violated export laws, shipping prohibited goods to
  3. Entity List, U.S. Issued by the Department of Commerce, The Bureau of Export Administration, includes foreign end users involved in proliferation activities. These end users have been determined to present an unacceptable risk of diversion to developing weapons of mass destruction or the missiles used to deliver those weapons
  4. Embargoed Countries List, U.S. Department of Commerce, issued by the Bureau of Export Administration
  5. International Traffic in Arms Debarment List. issued by the Department of State, includes individuals convicted of conspiracy/violations of the Arms Export Control Act, who now are subject to statutory debarment from participating in arms export transactions
  6. Sanctions List, Department of State, Office of Foreign Assets

Denied Parties Check

The denied parties check feature automatically screens online and telephone orders for entries on the U.S. Government Anti-Terrorist list as well as other lists including Denied Persons, Embargoed Countries, International Traffic in Arms Debarment, Entity, Sanctions, and Specially Designated Nationals. Supports merchant compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act of 2001.

Key Features

  • Lists are updated daily
  • Advanced fuzzy logic technology used to recognize entries such as Jeff instead of Jeffrey
  • Also available with the CyberSource Export Compliance service that uses shipping address, IP address, and email domain geo-location to help prevent digital or physical product delivery to parties with whom the U.S. government has prohibited trade

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