Bill Me Later®

Bill Me Later is available via your single connection to CyberSource, allowing your customers to make purchases using an instant line of credit. Bill Me Later helps you acquire new customers and capture more revenue, while eliminating the risks of chargebacks and fraud

  • Increased New Customer Acquisition: 3-7% increase
  • Higher Average Order Value (AOV): 8-11% higher
  • Greater Repeat Usage: 46% higher within first three months
  • Lower Transaction Costs: 30-40% lower

Plus, lower operational risks

  • No Credit or Collections Risk for authorized transactions
  • Immediate Funding of sales

How Bill Me Later Works

A customer selects Bill Me Later during the checkout process at your site, similar to selecting the option to pay via Visa or MasterCard.

  • If it is the first time a customer has used Bill Me Later, the terms and conditions are presented and a request is made for date of birth and the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number.
  • Once the customer agrees to the terms, checkout continues as usual.
  • A real-time credit decision is made and the consumer is notified within 3-5 seconds.
  • On subsequent purchases, the customer simply chooses Bill Me Later, another real-time credit decision is made, and the customer is notified within 3-5 seconds.
  • In rare circumstances, additional verification steps are applied.
  • After completion of the first purchase, a welcome email is sent by Bill Me Later. This email contains a secure link for login to the self-service website, as well as a user ID for the customer.
  • Your customer typically receives a bill (sent by Bill Me Later, Inc.) in their mailbox within fifteen days of the settlement posting to the customer's account. The due date for this bill is 25 days from the date the bill is rendered.
  • You submit the transaction for settlement upon shipment of goods or rendering the service—just as you do with a credit card purchase. Funding is received within the same timeframe as that of a purchase made with a credit card.

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