Electronic Check Processing

CyberSource Electronic Check Processing lets universities, government agencies, utilities, retailers and other businesses offer customers the option of using their checking account to make payments online.

CyberSource Electronic Check Processing helps expand online payment options and automate processing to help increase sales and reduce costs.

Only CyberSource offers this complete set of electronic check features:

  • Choice of two e-check options—choose the one(s) that fit your business and customer profile
  • Flat rate or variable pricing
  • Single integration provides access to all e-check options and optional credit card services
  • Offer recurring billing and installment payment options via CyberSource Managed Billing Service

E-Check Options

Payer enters ABA routing number and checking account information in a TeleCheck-hosted (hosted-capture) window or fields embedded in your payment page (merchant-captured). TeleCheck supports either merchant-capture or hosted-capture methods.

Chase Paymentech
Payer's account and banking information are entered into fields embedded in your payment page (merchant captured solution). Merchant captures and handles account information required for processing (merchant capture type solution).

Key Benefits of E-Checks

  • Reduce processing costs. Cost to process a check electronically is generally lower than credit cards.
  • Reduce billing costs. Less need for invoicing and lower cost of accounts receivable administration.
  • Receive deposits sooner. Deposit funds nearly twice as fast as paper-based check processing.
  • Increase sales. Convert sales that would otherwise be lost (some customers prefer not to use credit cards).

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