Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile

CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile is a cloud-based solution that lets you securely accept payments made on the web or on mobile browsers across the globe. For customers making purchases on your website, the process is entirely seamless - your branding remains consistent throughout and checkout pages adapt automatically to the device being used. Since payment data is transmitted from customers directly to CyberSource, your PCI DSS scope is significantly reduced.

With dozens of language packs and many configuration options, CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile is a powerful upgrade from the CyberSource hosted order page, designed to improve customer experience while also simplifying IT requirements.

How it Works

  • Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile allows you store an HTML order form on your web server. When customers are ready to checkout, they enter their payment data into the fields, including name, shipping address, account number, etc.
  • As the payment fields are hosted by CyberSource, payment data bypasses your network entirely. Instead, the captured data is transmitted directly from the customer's browser to CyberSource for processing.
  • You receive a response from CyberSource informing you whether or not the transaction was successful.


  • Reduced PCI DSS Scope – When you use Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile, payment data is transmitted from the customer directly to CyberSource outside your environment, significantly reducing your PCI DSS scope.
  • Mobile Optimized – Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile adapts easily to all form factors – computer screen, smart phone, and tablet - ensuring the best checkout experience for your customers regardless of the device used.
  • Global – Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile is available in several languages covering all major eCommerce markets.
  • 1-click Checkout – When integrated with CyberSource Tokenization, Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile allows you to offer 1-click checkout to your returning customers, making the payment process faster and easier.
  • Analytics – With Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile you can add and delete payment methods and make other changes to the checkout screens just by modifying the configuration settings, so A/B testing and other marketing analyses become simpler.

Secure Acceptance Silent Order POST

CyberSource also offers an alternate solution – Secure Acceptance Silent Order POST. This integration method includes a script in your code that initiates a call to CyberSource to pass or ‘post’ the data to our system. It is ideal for businesses requiring a high level of customization for their checkout pages or those requiring only a secure means of transmitting payment data for processing. You are ensured a secure means of payment acceptance and transmission, and maintain full control of the checkout experience. Download Datasheet

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