Secure Acceptance Checkout API

The Secure Acceptance Checkout API option is ideal for Web merchants who prefer to host their own order page, perhaps for greater customization, and simply need a method of transferring payment data for processing.

Who is a good candidate to use Secure Acceptance Checkout API?

Businesses who:

  • Want to customize and control their own order form, receipt and error
  • Want to have access to and control of customer and order data
  • Have a resource to do basic Perl, PHP, JSP, Ruby, or ASP.NET scripting
  • Use a hosting provider that supports these languages and SSL security, or
    provide their own secure server for accepting orders

Secure Acceptance Checkout API is probably not right for you if...

  • You are using a Shopping Cart that already includes CyberSource payment
  • You or your hosting provider don't provide a secure (SSL) protected order
  • The provider hosting your product Web pages doesn't support one of these
    scripting languages: Perl, PHP, JSP, Ruby, or ASP.NET
  • You don't care about accessing customer data before processing

What are the main advantages of using Secure Acceptance Checkout API?

  • Control and Customization—providing your own customized order page and
    receipt gives you more control over your customer's experience
  • Data Access—you have full control to store or share order or customer data
    before sending it to CyberSource
  • Security Control—you or your hosting provider control security with a
    secure server
  • Minimal Changes to Environment—you only need to install minor scripting
    changes into your environment
  • Easy Order Management—you can use the online Business Center to
    review and manage all of your orders from any computer with Internet

What technical skills are required?

Secure Acceptance Checkout API requires moderate scripting skills in
PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, Ruby, or Perl. The three main actions are:

  • Automatically generate a security key script to validate your identity;
    install it into your Web script
  • Modify your Web script code to pass order data to CyberSource
  • You or your hosting provider maintain a secure SSL server for your order

CyberSource Secure Acceptance Hosted Checkout replaces the CyberSource

Secure Acceptance Checkout API replaces the CyberSource Silent Order

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