Delivery Address Verification Countries List

CyberSource Verification Services provides customers with the ability to verify whether a shipping address is deliverable. By using postal address files obtained from postal administrations from around the world, Verification Services validate and standardize addresses for the United States, Canada, and over 200 countries and territories worldwide. The following table contain the lists of currently supported countries and territories.

Category I-A
These countries have a rigorous testing and postal certification process that results in the largest amount and greatest accuracy of postal detail.

Category I-B
These countries have provided complete address data, including all street names and all valid address ranges for the buildings on these streets. Although the postal systems of these countries lack the rigor of the certified post offices, these countries generally provide reasonably accurate and almost complete postal information.

Category II
These countries generally have fairly reliable postal systems and provide street names, city names and postal codes for both large and small cities. But they provide incomplete ranges for the addresses of buildings.

Category III
The postal systems in these countries provide street names, city names, and postal codes for large cities only and incomplete information (or no information) for smaller cities. These postal systems may also provide an extremely limited set of building address ranges.

Category IV
In these countries, the postal systems are highly variable. Most countries provide a list of cities and postal codes; however, depending on the country, not all cities and postal codes may be present in the detailed country database.

The list of supported countries and territories and the completeness of verification are updated quarterly. The postal database is updated monthly. Contact Customer Support if you have questions regarding supported countries or verification levels. For more information regarding the categories defined above, see the Verification Services  Guides.

Note: Countries and territories that share the same postal system are grouped together in the same category.