Reply Flags & Messages

This list describes the reply flags and error messages returned by the CyberSource ICS server. The purpose of the reply flag (the value contained in ics_rflag or <applicationname>_rflag) is to give you enough information to display a reasonable response to your customer. The purpose of the message (the value contained in ics_rmsg or <applicationname>_rmsg) is to help you understand how to debug problems. You should write an error handler to interpret the reply flag for your customers. Do not use the message to write the error handler. Do not show the reply flag or the message to your customer.

Important: CyberSource reserves the right to add new reply flags at any time. Your system must be able to process these new reply flags.

The list below provides the following information for each flag:

  • An explanation
  • A list of CyberSource ICS applications that might return the flag

These flags and messages may be associated with one of the following items:

  • Entire request: The flag appears in the ics_rflag field with a message in the ics_rmsg field.
  • Individual applications: The flag appears in the <applicationname>_rflag with a message in the <applicationname>_rmsg field.
DAVSNO ics_auth

The credit card was accepted by the bank but refused by CyberSource because it did not pass the AVS check. AVS result is N.

DCALL ics_auth, ics_bill

Indicates that you must call the payment processor to proceed with the transaction

Note: For Vital, NatWest, FDR, FDC-Nashville, and Paymentech-New Hampshire customers only.


CyberSource declined the ics_auth request because the credit card has expired.

Note: ics_credit does not check the expiration date; instead, it passes the request to the payment processor. If the payment processor allows issuance of credits to expired cards, CyberSource does not limit this functionality.

DCARDREFUSED ics_auth, ics_bill, ics_credit

The bank declined the transaction.

Note: This includes declines due to insufficient funds, which cannot be differentiated at authorization time from other transactions.

DINVALIDADDRESS ics_dav, ics_tax

Customer entered an invalid city, state, country, or postal code.

DINVALIDCARD ics_auth, ics_bill, ics_credit, ics_score

The credit card number did not pass CyberSource basic checks.

DINVALIDDATA ics_add_value_to_isv, ics_auth, ics_bill, ics_create_isv, ics_credit, ics_download, ics_elc, ics_get_isv_info, ics_get_isv_history, ics_modify_isv, ics_redeem_isv, ics_score

Data provided is not consistent with the request. For example, you requested a product with negative cost, or you requested an ELC for a physical product.

DINVALIDPROD ics_download

Not enough information is provided to generate the download URL.

DMISSINGFIELD ics_add_value_to_isv, ics_auth, ics_bill, ics_create_isv, ics_credit, ics_download, ics_elc, ics_export, ics_get_isv_history, ics_get_isv_info, ics_get_isv_profiles, ics_modify_isv, ics_redeem_isv, ics_score, ics_tax

The request is missing a required field.

DNOAUTH ics_bill

A request was made to bill an order for which there is no corresponding, unused authorization record. Occurs if there was not a previously successful ics_auth request or if the previously successful authorization has already been used by another ics_bill request.

DNOBILL ics_credit

A request was made to credit an order for which there is no recorded billing code.

DNTFDECLINED ics_auth, ics_bill, ics_credit

The bank declined the transaction. For IBM Global Merchant (NetTrade Finance) customers only.

DRESTRICTED ics_export

One or more of the following problems:

  • The end user is on the U.S. List of Denied Countries or the U.S. List of Denied Persons.
  • The ship-to country is on the U.S. government denied countries list.
  • The merchant supplied an export list for one or more of the offers in the order, but the shipping country the end user submitted is not in that list.
DSCORE ics_score

Score exceeds limit.


System error. Call CyberSource.


The request timed out.