Server Release Notes for April 12, 2000

On the View Request and View Order screens, a cCredit Button was added. If the payment processor is NetTrade Finance, the cCredit Button is ignored. You will receive an error message if a credit is run for NetTrade Finance.

New Download and ELC reports now include offer_tracking_number, which replaced merchant_bundle_sku.

If auth_request_id is sent with an ics_credit application, auth_request is ignored and the credit transaction is treated as standalone.

A new score factor code of "Z" has been added. The "Z" code means you have entered an invalid value for a particular request-level or offer-level field used by score. CyberSource uses a default value as a substitute for the invalid value. For example, if you entered an incorrectly formatted dollar value in the amount field of an offer or an erroneous host hedge setting, you would get a "score_factors=Z." The Merchant Score Log will contain a text message specifying the particular field containing the invalid value.