Server Release Notes for August 29, 2001


For the ics_auth application, you can now use the request-level field decline_avs_flags to choose which AVS result codes cause a transaction to be declined.

For NatWest customers, if you request a transaction using the smallest amount possible for the currency you specify (for example, 0.01 GBP or 1 ITL), you will receive the reply flag DINVALIDDATA.

Paymentech customers can now use Switch and Solo cards.


For the ics_score application, the reply field score_factors can now contain the value Q if the phone number is identified as risky.


For NatWest, AmEx Brighton, and FDR customers, the value of the bill_trans_ref_no or credit_trans_ref_no reply field will now appear in the pay_trans_id field of your International Payment Batch Report (IPBR).


You can now use the following features of Credit Card Services:

  • Verbal authorization
  • Partial settlement and credit
  • Standalone credit

You can now issue a credit before the corresponding settlement has been batched.

You can now issue a credit during a different month than the corresponding settlement.

If you request the ics_auth_reversal application for an authorization that has been settled, the transaction will be declined.