Server Release Notes for August 28, 2000

ELC and Download

The status of the product for ics_elc and ics_download is now checked. If it is not live, the server throws an ICSDeclineExecption "At least one product is not live."

Paymentech 606

OLD: Invalid transaction type.
NEW: Assorted bank reasons.

DCALL flag is now returned for the following Paymentech responses: 401: Reason: Call; 402: Reason: Default call. Previously, DCARDREFUSED was returned.


DCALL flag is returned when an "R" (referral) is sent back from FDC. Previously, DCARDREFUSED was returned.

Nettrade Finance

Response codes 910, 911, 912 cause ETIMEOUT to be thrown. Now, DCARDREFUSED is thrown for these response codes.


Vertex tax system is replaced with Taxware so that VAT and built-in product codes can be supported.