Server Release Notes for August 28, 2012

New Feature for Chase Paymentech Solutions

CyberSource added support for card type indicators (CTIs) on Chase Paymentech Solutions. For information about credit card processing with Chase Paymentech Solutions, see Credit Card Services Using the Simple Order API or Credit Card Services Using the SCMP API.

Decision Manager Merchant-Defined Custom Fields Increased to 100

The number of custom fields that can be submitted by using the API has increased from 20 to 100. For the SCMP API, the merchant_defined_dataN field can now be used to specify from 1 to 100 custom fields.

However, for the Simple Order API, the format for specifying custom fields has changed. The Simple Order API NVP fields have changed from merchantDefinedData_fieldN to merchantDefinedData_mddfieldN. The new fields override the obsolete fields. For example, if you use the obsolete field merchantDefinedData_field15 and the new field merchantDefinedData_mddField15 in the same request, the new field value will overwrite the value specified in the obsolete field. For XML, the new element type MDDField with a required “id” attribute has been added to the schema. For more information, see the CyberSource Decision Manager Developer Guide Using the Simple Order API or CyberSource Decision Manager Developer Guide Using the SCMP API.

Simple Order API

Versions 1.74 and 1.75 of the Simple Order API have been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes.