Server Release Notes for August 31, 2005

These release notes apply to the ICS test and production servers.

Decision Manager: Verbose Mode

With this release, you can now see detailed information in the API reply (in addition to the Enterprise Business Center) about the profile used and all the rules that were triggered by the order. This feature applies to pre-defined rules and, for Advanced Edition users, to custom rules. You can use the information in these API fields to analyze and refine your profiles and to evaluate your orders in detail. For more information about these fields, see the Decision Manager Developer's Guide.

If you are using the Simple Order API, you need to contact CyberSource Customer Support to use verbose mode. These are the fields you receive:

Destination review queue: decisionReply_activeprofileReply_destinationQueue

Profile selector and active profile selected: decisionReply_activeprofileReply_name and decisionReply_activeprofileReply_selectedBy

For each rule #, the decision, raw evaluation, the ID, and the name: decisionReply_activeProfileReply_rulesTriggered_ruleResultItem_#_decision decisionReply_activeProfileReply_rulesTriggered_ruleResultItem_#_evaluation decisionReply_activeProfileReply_rulesTriggered_ruleResultItem_#_name decisionReply_activeProfileReply_rulesTriggered_ruleResultItem_#_ruleID

If you are using the SCMP API, to use the verbose mode, you send the verbose_decision field in the request. All requests in which Decision Manager runs will return these reply fields:

Destination review queue: decision_active_profile_destination_queue

Profile selector and active profile selected: decision_active_profile_selector_rule and decision_active_profile

For each rule #, the decision, raw evaluation, the ID, and the name: decision_active_profile_rule_#_decision decision_active_profile_rule_#_evaluation

Credit Card Services

With this release, CyberSource offers an additional credit card processing gateway: FDI Australia, which is available if you use Citibank as your acquirer. If you want to use this gateway, contact your CyberSource account representative. For information about the features available with the gateway, see the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide, which is available on the Support Center.

Simple Order API (formerly the Web Services API)

Version 1.16 of the Simple Order API has been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes, which are available on the Support Center.