Server Release Notes for August 8, 2007

These release notes apply to the ICS test and production servers.

New Features for CyberSource Latin American Processing

The CyberSource Latin American gateway has been updated. The two supported countries are Brazil and Mexico. For information about this gateway, see the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide.

Service Restrictions: American Express Level II Processing on Vital

CyberSource does not presently support Level II processing for the American Express card type on Vital.

Decision Manager Information Codes

Fraud tests have been created to count changes in customer identity in the transaction data that CyberSource stores in the fraud history database. The tests detect repeated changes in the customer identity when used with multiple account or phone numbers, and billing, email, IP, or shipping addresses. When the number of changes allowed for each test is exceeded, you receive a new information code for the transaction. For more information about these changes, see the Decision Manager Developer's Guide.

Simple Order API

Version 1.30 of the Simple Order API has been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes.