Server Release Notes for February 23, 2005

Credit Card Services: Global Payment Service

If you are using CyberSource's Global Payment Service to process credit cards, you may now provide a merchant descriptor with the capture or credit request. For the Simple Order API, the field to use is invoiceHeader_merchantDescriptor. For the SCMP API, the field to use is merchant_descriptor. If you want to use the merchant descriptor, you must first contact CyberSource Customer Support to configure your account appropriately. For more information about using the merchant descriptor, see the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide, which is available on the Support Center.

PIN-less Debit Services

With this release, CyberSource supports PIN-less debit card transactions with the FDMS South processor. You may be eligible to process PIN-less debit payments only if your business is in one of the approved industry categories, including educational institutions, insurers, and utilities, among others. The debit networks created PIN-less debit card transactions to accommodate certain card-not-present situations that are low risk because of the nature of the merchant's business and the relationship between the merchant and the customer. For more information, see the PIN-less Debit Card Services Implementation Guide, which is available on the Support Center.

Simple Order API (formerly the Web Services API)

Version 1.13 of the Simple Order API has been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes, which are available on the Support Center