Server Release Notes for February 9, 2000


ics_elc now handles up to 99 items.

The error message "We?encountered a database problem: Unable to determine ICS Service Subscriber" is now clarified to say "A database error occurred: The merchant '%s' is improperly configured. The merchant is not in the ics_service_subscriber table."

ship_to_attention and sold_to_attention fields for Bindco are now limited to 30 characters.

In the FDC South process, if sub_ref_no is more than 13 characters, the first 13 characters are sent to the processor instead of an operator.

The following fields are changes to the ics_export, ics_elc, and ics_download API. The specific changes are ADDITIONAL FIELDS that are now required for these services (i.e. the original required fields still apply):

NAME information:

  • customer_lastname and customer_firstname OR
  • company_name OR
  • both

BILL address information:

  • bill_adddress1 (OR bill_address2 OR both)
  • bill_city
  • bill_state (IF bill_country is either US or CA)
  • bill_zip (IF bill_country is either US or CA)
  • bill_country

SHIP_TO address information: (NOTE: SHIP_TO data is not required, but if ANY of the following fields are included in the transaction, then the ENTIRE set of fields must be included)

  • ship_to_adddress1 (OR ship_to_address2 OR both)
  • ship_to_city
  • ship_to_state (IF ship_to_country is either US or CA)
  • ship_to_zip (IF ship_to_country is either US or CA)
  • ship_to_country

This is the same logic rule as the BILL information, but is only invoked if SHIP_TO information is provided by the merchant.

If you are additionally calling ics_auth, the above requirements already apply. If you were OPTIONALLY supplying this name and address information, you should not have a problem.