Server Release Notes for January 12, 2000


Bill and Auth amounts are now passed when the bill is greater than the auth amount.

DCARDEXPIRED is now issued for the expired card error message instead of DINVALIDDATA.

DCALL is now issued for the error message "CALL AUTH CENTER" instead of DINVALIDDATA.

For Paymentech ONLY: DINVALIDDATA is now issued for the error message "Invalid CC Number."

DINVALIDCARD is now issued for the error message "Invalid credit card number" instead of DINVALIDDATA.

Natwest now simulates DCALL error conditions.

The DNOAUTH error message "There was no record of a previous auth for this request" now reads "The authorization code for this request has already been settled against."

EAPPFINDER rflag is now replaced with ESYSTEM.

Because some of the payment error messages are too long, they are truncated. The following truncated error messages are listed with their full description.

  • "PProc validation error" = "Payment processor validation error"
  • "PProc write error" = "Payment processor write error"
  • "PProc key error" = "Payment processor invalid key error"
  • "PProc time out" = "Payment processor timed out"