Server Release Notes for January 20, 2009

These release notes apply to the ICS test and production servers.

Decision Manager Support for Non-Card Payments: Direct Debits, Electronic Checks, and Other Payment Methods

You no longer need to implement a separate process flow for electronic check, direct debit, and other non-card payment types when using Decision Manager. These payment methods don't allow a typical authorization-plus-capture methodology, so special handling has been required to fit the fraud management process. With this new functionality, Decision Manager delays presenting the non-card transaction to the processor until it has been approved by either Decision Manager or by a case reviewer. You can use the same process flow that you use for credit cards. For more information, see the Decision Manager Developer's Guide.

Merchant Account Reports

If you have a CyberSource merchant account and process with GPN, the new Merchant Account Reports provide a single source for payment lifecycle information. These reports:

  • Make reconciliation easier and more efficient.
  • Provide a new reporting hierarchy that supports a wide range of business models.

For more information, see the Merchant Account Reports User's Guide and Merchant Account Reports Developer's Guide.

Simple Order API

Version 1.42 of the Simple Order API has been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes.