Server Release Notes for January 27, 2004

Web Services APIs

Version 1.5 of the Web Services APIs has been released. For more information, see the Web Services API Release Notes, which are available on the Support Center.

Credit Card Services

If you use Paymentech New Hampshire as your processor, you can now use the Transaction Advice Addendum (TAA) fields with American Express cards (for either Level II or non-Level II transactions). See the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide for details about the fields.

Advanced Fraud Screen

Added new Advanced Fraud Screen Information Codes:

  • INTL-BA: The billing country is outside the U.S.
  • INTL-IPCO: The country of the customer's address is outside the U.S.
  • INTL-SA: The shipping country is outside the U.S.
  • MM-Z: The billing and shipping addresses use different postal codes.
  • MUL-EM: The customer has used more than four different email addresses.

See the Advanced Fraud Screen Implementation Guide for more information about the codes.

Payer Authentication

Added a new Web Services API reply field returned by the Payer Authentication Validation Service: payerAuthValidateReply_eciRaw. The field may or may not be returned to you, and it contains the raw Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) value from either the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode system.

You must then inclue the value from this field in your request for credit card authorization. Use the new Web Services API field ccAuthService_eciRaw to send the value.

See the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide and the Payer Authentication Implementation Guide for more information about the fields.

Recurring Billing Service

Several new features were added to the Recurring Billing Service. For more information about how these features work, see the Recurring Billing Service Implementation Guide.

  • Added ability to use electronic checks for recurring payment subscriptions.
  • Added ability to do an automatic pre-authorization for $1.00 for credit cards and electronic checks (for TeleCheck users only) when creating a subscription. The pre-authorization validates the card or checking account; if the pre-authorization fails, the subscription is not created.
  • Added ability to do an automatic pre-authorization reversal of the $1.00 (for credit cards only). This applies only if supported for your processor.
  • Added ability to use a replacement expiration date so that when the expiration date stored for the subscription passes, the payments will still occur. This applies only for certain processors and card types.
  • Added a new subscription status: HOLD. Subscriptions are automatically placed on hold if a payment does not succeed for a reason that obviously requires merchant intervention. Subscriptions are also placed on hold if all the retry attempts for a payment have failed. This is a change from previous behavior; before, if all retry attempts for a payment failed, the subscription was automatically cancelled.
  • Changed the default for the automatic renewal field when creating a subscription from FALSE to TRUE.
  • Changed the maximum allowable payments for a subscription from 999 to 3 years' worth of payments.
  • Added a new field that allows you to add payments to an existing subscription. The Web Services API field name is recurringSubscriptionInfo_numberOfPaymentsToAdd. The SCMP API field name is recurring_number_of_payments_to_add.
  • Added a report called the Subscription Payment Exception Report. The report is available daily and weekly and shows the subscriptions that are on hold and subscriptions that are in retry mode (and thus may go on hold soon if all the payment retries fail). You can subscribe to the report in the Enterprise Business Center.
  • Updated the portions of the Enterprise Business Center related to creating and managing subscriptions so as to handle electronic checks as a new payment method.