Server Release Notes for January 9, 2002


For Paymentech customers, the request-level field merchant_descriptor can contain asterisks in positions 4, 8, and 13. Non-alphanumeric characters in all other positions will be replaced with spaces.

For Citibank Meerbusch customers, the reply field auth_auth_avs will now contain the value 1.

For NatWest, American Express Brighton, and Barclays customers, when you request the ics_auth application, you will now receive the reply field auth_auth_response.


If the Denied Parties Check is enabled for your merchant ID, and you request ics_score with one or more of the ship_to_* request-level fields, you are no longer required to include all of the ship_to_* fields in your request.

The ics_score application can now return the following reply fields:

  • score_address_info
  • score_hotlist_info
  • score_internet_info
  • score_phone_info
  • score_suspicious_info
  • score_velocity_info

If you want to receive these reply fields, contact Customer Support for information.


For some errors that previously returned the reply flag ESYSTEM, you will now receive the reply flag DCALL or DINVALIDDATA.