Server Release Notes for March 8, 2006

These release notes apply to both the ICS test and production servers.

Subscription Payments Services: Issue Resolved with One-time Credits

This release fixes an issue that had temporarily caused one-time credits (sometimes referred to as on-demand credits) to stop working. A one-time credit is a refund (credit) that you request with a subscription ID. The credit service automatically uses the information stored in the CyberSource database for that subscription (the customer's name, billing address, credit card number, and so on). The bug caused your credit request to be incorrectly rejected with an error message saying that your request was missing required fields.

Subscription Payments Services: New API Fields

With this release you can use a new field when creating a subscription: paySubscriptionCreateService_disableAutoAuth (for the Simple Order API) or recurring_disable_auto_auth (for the SCMP API). This field works if you have your account configured so that CyberSource normally performs a $1.00 pre-authorization before creating a subscription. If you include the field in your request to create a subscription, CyberSource does NOT perform the $1.00 pre-authorization before creating that subscription.

Also with this release, you can provide these additional fields below in your request to create or update a subscription. The information in these fields will be associated with any scheduled payments or one-time payments/credits that use the subscription. When you use the Retrieve service to get a subscription's i