Server Release Notes for May 22, 2012

American Express Direct: Additional CAPN Updates

To supplement the CAPN Upgrade that was delivered in November 2011, CyberSource added support for several additional features on American Express Direct. These features include additional amounts, aggregators, replacement expiration dates for recurring payments, and two new API fields: an operating environment request field and a system trace audit number reply field. For airline processing, two new fields were added and the requirements for several fields were updated. For information about credit card processing with American Express Direct, see Credit Card Services for the Simple Order API or Credit Card Services for the SCMP API. For information about airline processing, see Airline Processing for the Simple Order API or Airline Processing for the Simple Order API.

Decision Manager: Profile Rule Performance Report

This report is the final addition to the new Decision Manager reporting and analytics suite. Analysts can use this report to examine how specific rules perform against incoming transactions and which rules are most effective at identifying fraud. To access this report, select Reports in the Reporting section of the Decision Manager navigation panel, click the System Performance tab, and then click Search. The Profile Rule Performance Report is the third report listed in the search results. For more information, see the Decision Manager Reporting Guide.

Simple Order API

Versions 1.71 and 1.72 of the Simple Order API have been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes.