Server Release Notes for November 17, 2004

Credit Card Services

With this release, CyberSource supports the processing of airline settlement data by merchants in the airline industry who use Citibank Meerbusch as their processor.

Subscription Payment Services

This release fixes an issue in which CyberSource did not send the email notification alerting you and/or your customer of a failed subscription payment. With this release, if you configure your account to use email notifications (which you do by contacting Customer Support), CyberSource will send an email after a successful payment and also when the subscription goes on hold (which is typically caused by a failed payment). For more information about how a subscription can go on hold, see the Subscription Payments Implementation Guide, which is available on the Support Center.

PayPal Payment Services

If you use the CyberSource PayPal Payment Services, you may now provide the success URL (the URL of the page your customer sees after a successful PayPal transaction) by using an API field. The Simple Order API field is payPalPaymentService_successURL, and the SCMP API field is paypal_success_url. For more information, see the PayPal Services Implementation Guide, which is available on the Support Center.

Simple Order API (formerly the Web Services API)

Version 1.11 of the Simple Order API has been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes, which are available on the Support Center.