Server Release Notes for September 24, 2008

These release notes apply to the ICS test and production servers.

Enhanced Case Management: Queue Time Limits

Enhanced Case Management (ECM) is available as an add-on feature to Decision Manager:

  • Case Ownership, which was released in May 2008, enables you to assign case reviewers to monitor specific transaction queues and enables case reviewers to take ownership of the cases in those queues.
  • Identity Verification, which was released in July 2008, enables case reviewers to call third parties to verify the identities of customers.
  • Case Priority, which was released in August 2008, enables you to control which cases are displayed and reviewed first.

The September 2008 release extends ECM capabilities to include Queue Time Limits, which enable you to keep orders flowing through your case management system. You can set specific time limits in each queue for reviewing an order, after which the order will be automatically accepted or rejected. This feature allows review teams to concentrate on the highest-priority orders while decisions about low-priority or low-risk orders can be made automatically by the system.

For more information, see the Decision Manager Developer's Guide.

Simple Order API

Version 1.40 of the Simple Order API has been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes.