Detect & Protect

Detect more genuine customers from fraudsters and help protect your customers – and business, with our Multi-Layered Fraud Management Platform.

Protect your customer accounts

Identify suspicious behaviour and help keep your customer accounts secure.

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Storing Card and Account on File can lift checkout completion by up to 50%.1

42% of data breaches were related to eCommerce.2

49% of these breaches involve the theft of payment data.2

Account Takeover Protection

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Protect your customer loyalty schemes

Monitor for suspicious behaviour and create a secure loyalty programme.


Almost 92% of the UK’s adult population are currently registered with at least one loyalty programme.3

72% of airline loyalty programmes have been prey to fraudsters.4

30% say that the problem is growing each year.4

Loyalty fraud management

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Reduce Fraud Without impacting Customer Experience

Spot more fraudulent orders faster and maintain a positive customer experience.

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46% of merchants see improving automated screening as a priority.5

Turning away good customers was a top concern for 37% of merchants.6

Up to 10% of rejected orders are believed to be valid.7

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Reduce Fraud Risk With Real-Time Results

Instantly see the impact of fraud strategies and ensure a successful implementation.

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Fraud costs the UK up to £193 billion each year.8

On average it takes 3 months to see the impact of a change in fraud strategy.

53% of merchants citE improving process analytics as a top focus for 2016.5

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Control Purchase Authentication

Determine who you authenticate, challenge or accept – and protect against cart abandonment.


On average 30% less orders are reviewed manually by merchants using 3-D Secure.9

44% of businesses using 3-D Secure cite customer friction as a major concern.6

42% are concerned that the solution is not optimised for mobile.6

Rules-Based Payer Authentication

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Streamline Manual Review

Recognise fraud trends and patterns and reduce operational costs.


46% of merchants cite spending too much time reviewing too many orders as a top concern.6

23% of orders, on average, ARE being manually screened for fraud.9

Fraud Managers are reporting that 46% of their budget is spent on manual review.10

Managed Risk Services

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