Many businesses are facing unique and difficult challenges right now in the face of new regulations and social distancing constraints. With many businesses closed or operating with reduced capacity, there has been an acceleration in the adoption of cashless and digital payments.1

We recognise the strain this is placing on businesses as storefronts are seeing lower foot traffic or closing temporarily. Many merchants are adapting business models to support customers online or using other measures to maintain physical distancing while keeping their businesses running. This is where we can help. We’re ready to help you maintain and increase business without jeopardising the trust and well-being of your customers.

With a variety of products that work together or on their own, we can quickly help you build a remote payment solution or manage new and unique fraud situations so you can focus on your customers.

Remote payment solutions

Learn about this fast approach to send payment requests and get paid from a distance.

Managing fraud during challenging times

Fight fraudsters with solutions that incorporate rules-based decisions based on data-driven insights. 

1 (European Parliament Briefing – The rise of eCommerce and the cashless society, March 2020,


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