Customers expect a frictionless payment experience. And, you can deliver. But first, you’ll need the ability to weed out the bad orders from the good to create that experience. For that, you need a fraud management platform with the global versatility to perform across multiple channels and ecosystems. Enter Decision Manager.

Decision Manager can help you increase issuer authorization rates, improve customer satisfaction and recover lost revenue. Your vision to capture more revenue can become reality—with greater insights for decision-making, enhanced tools & analytics and reduced processing friction. Buyers get products, issuers get processing fees, and your business gains revenue. 

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Your success is our success

Cybersource works with merchants throughout the world to combat fraud. With the help of Decision Manager, companies have made drastic leaps forward in how they deal with fraud and reduce payment friction.


Read more about how Dick’s Sporting Goods used Decision Manager to reduce rejected orders by 49%. 

Fueled by insights from big data

Insights from more than 68 billion transactions


Big data from Visa and Cybersource’s worldwide processed transactions allows us to sniff out potential fraudulent transactions with the industry’s most advanced AI and machine learning technology.

Machine learning relies on complex statistical methods

Plus, high-power computing to make recommendations about how you can refine your fraud strategy. By sifting through massive amounts of data, we can identify historically relevant patterns, then deliver insights to you on which relationships are high-risk and which relationships are low-risk. 

Building protection for you


Decision Manager can be a completely customized solution.
It’s built to adapt to your priorities and needs, while handling fraud’s curveballs.


Plus, our team of experienced managed risk professionals is available to help unlock our battle-tested decision engine and deliver the intelligence you need to manage fraud your way. Simply put, Decision Manager and our risk analysts are better together.

Ready to get serious about fraud?

Find out why Decision Manager should be your choice for protecting, optimizing, and adding value to your payment world. 


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