Payment tokens have evolved, time to upgrade?

Payment tokens aren’t just about making transactions secure. The latest types provide a 360-degree view of your customer’s behavior across channels, giving you a view to help boost revenue and deliver seamless payment experiences.

They offer improved lifecycle management, but they’re not right for all businesses. The latest Forester report will help you decide if they’re right for yours.

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What you’ll learn: 

  • The key benefits of card-on-file payment tokens, also known as network tokens 
  • Why they offer better lifecycle management than other tokens
  • Which businesses should consider introducing them

The report also includes a handy self-assessment guide to help you decide if card-on-file payment tokens are right for you.

Who should read it: 

  • Heads of Fraud, Payments, Risk and Compliance
  • CIOs, CTOs, CFOs
  • Anyone in eCommerce organizations
  • Anyone accepting payments—online and offline

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How the latest payment tokens could pay off

Grow revenue by boosting authorization rates
Lower costs by reducing fraud by up to 26%
Improve CX by reducing manual interventions
Trade across borders with a single global token

Discover our Token Management Service

Our Token Management Service takes tokenization to the next level. 

It connects payments information, customer data and other network tokens into one unified ‘super token’.

This provides merchants with an overview of their customers’ buying behavior across channels and card types—while customers enjoy a more seamless and secure shopping experience.

  • Top-tier Visa security to keep customer payment data encrypted
  • Meets the strictest regulatory standards for encryption and security, reducing PCI DSS scope and costs
  • Improve loyalty by delivering better a payment experience, including customer reward programs

Want to deliver world-class payment experiences?