Tokens for a smarter business

Exchanging payment details for tokens protects your customers’ sensitive payment information. The token remains in your environment while the sensitive payment details reside in an off-site location. To a hacker, a token is nothing more than a meaningless number. 

Tokenization helps you expand to new channels without compromising your payment security. And non-card tokens can be used to track purchases and create real omnichannel experiences. Token Management Service by Cybersource goes even further by streamlining how tokens operate within your environment, working seamlessly with the network, acquirer, and even non-card tokens.

Token Management Service substitutes your customers’ stored credit or debit card information with a non-sensitive equivalent, the token. The token remains in your system while your customers’ sensitive payment details reside in a secure vault managed by Visa. The token traces back to the sensitive payment data.         

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And security is just the beginning

In addition to securing customer payment data, tokenization also reduces your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) scope—making compliance faster and less costly. Cybersource is a certified PCI Compliance Level 12 service provider, and with our tokenization solution, the PCI DSS compliance audit questionnaire can be reduced a few checkboxes.

Improve customer experiences with tokenization

Tokenization can also help you launch new mobile and digital experiences, increase payment efficiency, and get better visibility into customer behavior.

Real-time card updates and improved authorization rates

A single integration to access the benefits of network tokens

360 view of the customer experience across channels

Payment data secured in Visa data centers

Improve customer experiences with tokenization

Update cards on file in real time

Real-time card-on-file updates keep customer information current. By getting instant updates on payment data, you reduce potential friction, abandoned carts, and general interruptions to the shopping experience.

Buy online, pick up in store

Tokenization helps you garner deeper insights about your customers by providing a multichannel view of their shopping and purchasing tendencies. Whether they buy online, shop in-store, or anywhere else, you’ll better understand their shopping preferences, so that you can improve their customer experience.

Making secure digital payments

Know that all your customer’s payment data is safe in secure Visa data centers. When your customers conduct a transaction with you, you can have peace of mind and deliver a safer and more secure payment experience, be it in-person, online, or with a mobile device. 

Ready to tokenize?

Reduce risk, improve payment experiences and get deeper insights about your customers’ buying behaviors.