An end-to-end fraud management system

Account Takeover Protection and Loyalty Program Protection expand the capabilities of our Decision Manager fraud platform—providing you with a unified way to tackle fraud across environments. 


Keep your customer accounts safe

Account takeovers occur when fraudsters take control of an existing account or establish a new one. The fraudster then uses the account to carryout unauthorized transactions. Our solution screens for suspicious activity during account creation, login and updates—so you can avert fraudulent takeovers before they happen.


Shield your loyalty rewards

Loyalty program fraud occurs when cybercriminals hack your customers’ reward points and exchange them for valuable goods and services. Our solution monitors high-risk behavior at account access, purchase and redemption of points—so you can protect your incentive programs and drive customer loyalty.

Protect your business from growing threats

Constantly on the lookout for new weak points in fraud management systems, fraudsters are increasingly targeting customer accounts and loyalty programs:

  • Of the top 10 fraud attacks companies experience, account takeovers rank third1
  • An estimated $238 billion of value sits as a liability on the books of airlines, hotels and other program owners2

Optimize your account and loyalty program fraud screening

Our solutions combine leading technologies to accurately detect fraud:

  • Machine learning models automatically assess each order’s probability of risk
  • Screening tracks device fingerprints, IP addresses, email addresses and rapid login attempts as well as hundreds of other fraud detectors
  • Customizable rules let you decide which transactions will be accepted, challenged, manually reviewed or rejected
  • Central user interface is fully integrated with Decision Manager reporting and analytics

How it works

As seen in the example below, Account Takeover Protection and Loyalty Program Protection work together to screen each user interaction for suspicious characteristics.

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1 “2019 Global eCommerce Report” CyberSource.
2 “Loyalty points fraud: A real risk for a virtual currency”, Ryan Yuzon, Director of Consulting, RFi Group, April 30, 2015.


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