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Technology doesn’t stand still, and today, tokenisation has been taken to a whole new level with digital network tokens that benefit all players in the payment ecosystem. Written by leading experts, our guide will help you understand how digital network tokens can pay off for your merchants—and you.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Improve customer loyalty by delivering better experiences and reward customers for shopping
  • Increase revenue by boosting authorisation rates
  • Improve security, keeping customer payment data encrypted and secured
  • Reduce PCI DSS scope and costs, while meeting the strictest regulatory standards for encryption and data security

Who should read it: 

  • Anyone accepting payments, both on and offline
  • Heads of Fraud, Payments, Risk and Compliance
  • CIOs, CTOs, CFOs

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Add value while growing your business

Cybersource’s Token Management Service connects payments, buying behaviour tendencies and other network tokens into one unified super token providing you and your merchants with a 360-degree view of customers’ buying behaviours across all channels and card types. 

You can also build trust and protection into exceptional customer experiences. Your merchant’s revenue can see a boost with increased authorisation rates and reduced fraud. And your revenue can do the same, thanks to increased customer value, loyalty and referral incentives.

Innovate and grow with us

As a Cybersource partner, you can offer a complete set of payment-management capabilities with integrated solutions for fraud, security, tokenisation and alternative payments. Plus, advanced developer tools and business-management toolsets.

Our platform is flexible: integrate once and you can add connections and capabilities to suit your merchants as they evolve and grow. With 430,000 businesses using Cybersource globally, it’s an approach we know helps our partners thrive.

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