Fraud and risk management

Protect your business and your customers from costly fraud attacks with a fraud management strategy and customisable solutions.

You take care of business, we'll take care of the fraudsters

Our fraud and risk management solutions can help you to accelerate good transactions and block bad ones, so you can focus on your business.

Prevent fraud using automated solutions

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect fraud in seconds.

Capture more revenue and lower operating costs

Ongoing analysis automatically updates data models and adapts to market trends.

Drive business growth while detecting fraud

Our highest-performing fraud tool processes data faster for optimal fraud detection.

Filter out bad payment transactions

Data from 141 billion+ VisaNet transactions1 enables us to filter out bad transactions.


Customers worldwide

With analysts based on five continents and geography-specific risk models, we help global customers to fight fraud.


Billion transactions screened

In 2021, we processed 2.2 billion transactions through Decision Manager worldwide.1


Billion fraud prevented

In 2021, Decision Manager prevented the equivalent of $22.3 billion in potential fraud worldwide using hundreds of detectors, including biometric and IP geolocation.2

Machine learning removes the guesswork

Machine learning + artificial intelligence produce a highly accurate risk score in less than one second.

Adaptive models learn and update data

Automated data analysis means our solution quickly adapts to market trends and offers timely insights.

Robust data intelligence supports fraud detection

Automated data models process data at top speed, constantly optimising your fraud detection rules.

Automated risk strategies filter out bad from good

Based on data from 141 billion+ VisaNet transactions1 our automated strategies separate good from bad transactions.

How our solutions help to prevent fraud

Safer steps

How we protect merchants and customers at each stage of the payment journey.

Enterprise fraud management

Decision Manager is equipped to handle massive volumes of transactions and automates fraud detection using advanced machine learning while providing data-driven insights to accept more good orders quickly,delivering greater insights for your business and adding value to every transaction.

Small-to medium-sized businesses fraud protection

Fraud Management Essentials has pre-configured filters to easily set up your fraud strategy and automatically monitor every order to prevent common fraud attacks and protect your revenue while still providing a seamless customer experience.

Protect your online accounts

 Account Takeover Protection protects your customer accounts from the fraudulent use of online accounts, pre-transaction attacks and loyalty programs, while simultaneously enabling businesses to streamline site access for authenticated users.

3-D Secure authentication

Payer Authentication allows you to take full advantage of all the latest authentication capabilities available through 3-D Secure and integrates with Decision Manager to review prior to authentication.

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Need a managed risk analyst?

Expand and enhance your in-house fraud capabilities by consulting with experienced analysts who can provide deep industry knowledge to lower your payment risks.

1 Represents the number of payments processed through Decision Manager in the 2021 fiscal year.
2 Represents the value of transactions rejected as fraudulent using Decision Manager in 2021. Normalised for USD.

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