How Does Simple Order or SOAP Toolkit API Work?



The Simple Order API is a fully-­featured CyberSource API
software developer kit (SDK). You, or a hosting provider, hosts your secure, customized order form page. When a customer enters an order on your website and clicks 'Submit', your system creates an API request. This request contains a digital signature, the order data, and formatting information wrapped in an envelope that defines content rules and format.


After your API request has been transferred to CyberSource,
your payment processor is contacted for an initial approval and a reply is received in real time.


This reply data is then sent back to you, confirming (or
denying) the order.

When using Simple Order API, orders can be viewed in the Business Center, a central location for managing your online payment transactions. You may request that approved transactions be submitted for funding or send your submission requests as you ship merchandise.

This SDK includes the latest version of the API client and code samples needed to install and set up the client. CyberSource updates the server-­side API regularly to introduce new or enhanced functionality, assigning a version number to each update.