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The payments and fraud APIs you need to build your payment solution

With our open architecture and testing environment, we make it easy to build customized payment solutions—and integrate them into your existing systems. 

We also help every step of the way. Our real-life code is available without an account. Our Developer Center provides the APIs, SDKs and development guides you need in a modern coding environment.

From start to ‘hello world’ quickly

Robust and intuitive payments and fraud APIs for all payment types and solutions

Client libraries for the leading developer platforms

SDKs in six of the most popular coding languages

Comprehensive sandbox testing

Sample code for hundreds of payment use cases

Acquirer agnostic platform

Github repositories

Developer and testing guides

Response codes

Easy onboarding experience for APIs

Blogs, forums and FAQs

A single-integration payments engine, built on secure Visa technology

Our Cybersource Developer Center is the starting point for building on our platform: the place to transform your ideas into great digital-commerce experiences.

Our open and agnostic approach means integrations are easy. You’ll get the tools you need, as well as direct access to our own development team to help. All in one place.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion in development

Learn how we foster inclusive, equitable teams and embrace diversity to build better solutions and businesses together.

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