Fraud management systems to protect your business and capture revenue

Detecting, preventing and managing fraud is a vital part of any business. Whether you’re a small eCommerce retailer or an enterprise organization handling a large volume of transactions, Cybersource fraud and risk management solutions offer a multilayered solution that can adapt to your business needs. Protect and help grow your revenue with our multilayered fraud management solution.

Fraudsters and cybercriminals use advanced techniques in order to exploit any weaknesses in an organization’s payment method system. Our payment risk management solutions use innovative intelligence together with data-led machine learning to identify fraud both in advance and in real time, allowing you to reduce risks across your organization and capture more revenue using a digital-first approach.  Our flexible fraud and risk management solutions can streamline fraud operations with customizable rules, insights, and risk scores that enable you to build a fraud management strategy tailored to your business strategy and customer needs.



With analysts based in five continents and diverse geography-specific risk models, we help customers around the world fight fraud.



In 2019, we processed 1.3B transactions through Decision Manager worldwide.



In 2019, Decision Manager prevented the equivalent of $12.64B in potential fraud worldwide, using hundreds of detectors, including biometric and IP geolocation.

Our Solutions



Fraud management for enterprise businesses

Equipped to handle massive transaction volumes from worldwide customers, our Decision Manager solution automates and streamlines fraud screening—helping you achieve the right balance between maximizing sales, reducing fraud losses, and controlling operational costs.


Fraud management for small- to midsized businesses

Every business needs a fraud risk management strategy in order to minimize costly fraud attacks. Fraud management essentials has pre-configured filters to easily set up your fraud strategy, automatically monitor every order, and protect your revenue while still providing a seamless customer experience.


Enhance your global fraud strategy with deep industry knowledge and experience

Managing payment risk can be a complex balancing act for e-commerce business. But you don’t have to do it alone. Expand and enhance your in-house fraud capabilities by adding experienced analysts who can step in to provide the extra knowledge to lower your payment risks.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Drives Growth Through Fraud Management

Learn how Dick's Sporting Goods used Decision Manager to increase revenue, streamline operations and improve the customer experience.

Additional fraud management solutions

3-D Secure 2

Authenticate customers, shift fraud liability and support Europe’s PSD2 SCA mandate

Account Takeover Protection

Shield your customer accounts and loyalty programs from fraudsters.

White paper: Shape Your Payment Fraud Strategy with Insights from IDC

Understanding fraud and risk management can help you better determine an agile fraud solution for your business. In this white paper from the IDC Financial Insights Team, you can learn how advanced fraud strategies are opening the door to secure innovation, payment fraud management, and expansion for eCommerce businesses.

Why fraud management matters



Three steps to protect your business from card testing attacks

Learn how you can prevent fraudsters from card testing and using unauthorized credit card numbers to purchase goods and services.


Decision Manager cost savings and business benefits

Forrester Research found our enterprise fraud solution could provide customers with a 243% ROI. Get the report for more about our potential revenue benefits.


Revenue Capture: the next generation of fraud management

The next step in fraud is recapturing lost revenue by optimizing authorization conversions. Learn how our revenue capture initiatives can help your business increase issuer authorization rates, improve customer satisfaction and recover lost revenue.

eCommerce fraud management trends

COVID-19 has changed the fraud landscape in unprecedented ways. From account takeovers to card testing, fraudsters have moved more activity online, resulting in unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, stolen merchandise, or wrongful requests for refunds.

In this eBook, you’ll learn why eCommerce fraud is so prevalent, the nine types of eCommerce fraud, and most importantly, fraud management trends to help you stay ahead of evolving fraud attacks.

*Represents the value of transactions rejected as fraudulent using Decision Manager in 2019.


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