Protecting merchants and customers at every step

Cybersource’s fraud protection solutions protect customers and merchants throughout the payments process. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Becoming a customer

Anna’s quest for the perfect shoes has led her to, where she spots the ideal pair.

She immediately sets up an account on the website.

Over at, Fred can see he’s got a new customer. He’s cautious about payment fraud, but he knows Cybersource solutions can cover it.

Account Takeover Protection runs automatically to check Anna is the real deal.

It can check Anna’s ID in a number of ways, including confirming her IP address and email and by recognizing her device. It can also check for bots and look at the frequency of transactions. Just in case there’s anything suspicious.

Secure payment

Having set up her account, Anna enters her credit card details to pay for her shoes.

She’s one step nearer to shoe nirvana.

Our Token Management Service turns Anna’s personal and card data into a secure token, helping to protect both Fred and Anna from data theft.

Once a token is created, her credentials are securely retained. So, it’s easier for Anna to return to the store and buy again.

After all, you can never have too many shoes.

Fraud protection

Fred runs Decision Manager to check that Anna’s a good customer. It uses AI and machine learning to review the pattern of Anna’s purchasing behavior.

Turns out she’s bought shoes somewhere else before.

Fred can also use Payer Authentication as an extra layer of protection, especially as Anna’s a new customer. This determines whether additional customer verification is needed.

Using a process known as 3-D Secure authentication Anna’s identity can be cross-referenced. This could be done in various ways, including a one-time password or via biometric recognition.

Fred decides to run Payer Authentication, so Anna receives a six-digit code in a text message. She has to enter the code at the store checkout.

Anna’s never been more excited to receive a bunch of random numbers.

Fred sends out the shoes. 

The process is so smooth he has time for an extra cappuccino.

Anna’s shoe collection is now complete.

Or is it…?

Account Takeover Protection

Run automatic checks to confirm ID and identify suspicious account activity. So you can keep fraudsters at bay.

Token Management Service

Convert confidential data into secure tokens, protecting both you and your customers from data theft.

Decision Manager

Utilize machine learning to fight fraud and reduce costs, while delivering better payment experiences for customers.

Payer Authentication (3-D Secure)

Take advantage of the latest authentication capabilities to boost authorization rates and customer satisfaction.

Interested in simplifying and automating your payment operations?