Batch Upload

Batch Upload uses Offline Transaction File Submission to send CyberSource a single file—called a batch file or batch transaction file—that contains a set (batch) of transaction requests instead of sending individual requests for each transaction. The information you provide for each request in the batch file is the same information you provide for an individual service request.

What are the main advantages of using Batch Upload?

In one file, you can include transactions that use different services,
currencies, countries, merchant IDs, and card types, thus eliminating the
burden of handling these values separately. (Each template provided through
 the Business Center covers only one type of transaction.)

Batch Upload is not right for you if you need to access these services:

  • Payer authentication enrollment check (payerAuthEnrollService)
  • Bank transfer (bankTransferService)
  • PayPal button creation (payPalButtonCreateService)
  • PayPal credit (payPalCreditService)

Although most CyberSource services can be accessed using Batch Upload,
the services listed above cannot be requested in a batch file.

Implementation Guides

Offline Transaction File Submission Implementation Guide   View  | Download