Secure Acceptance Web / Mobile

Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile lets you accept payments made using a web browser either from a computer or mobile device and packs in additional features to improve the checkout experience while also minimizing the burden on IT staff.

Who is a good candidate to use a Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile?

Businesses who:

  • Don't want the risk of handling or storing sensitive payment data on their
    own servers
  • Want to achieve and maintain payment security (PCI) certification faster
    and easier
  • Value the ability to add/drop payment types and make other changes to the
    checkout pages without code change
  • Require mobile optimized checkout screens
  • Require checkout pages in different languages
  • Have a resource familiar with basic Perl, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET or Ruby
    scripting and host their own server, or use a hosting provider that
    supports these scripting languages
  • Want to accept payments on our secure URL that looks to be part of their
    own store

A Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile is probably not right for you if...

  • You already have your own PCI DSS compliant order form or don't want to
  • You need full customization control of your payment page

What are the main advantages of using the Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile?

  • Security Compliance—hosted services mean faster and easier PCI
  • Reduced Risk—no need to handle or store sensitive account data
  • Mobile Optimization – users on mobile devices are presented with the best
    checkout experience
  • Global Ready – Language packs cover all major ecommerce markets and
  • Easy Trials and Testing – Changes to the checkout pages are easily
  • Supports 1-click checkout – When integrated with CyberSource
    Tokenization, returning customers can be taken directly to the Review
    Order page. Tokenization allows you to access securely-stored account
    data for easy future payments.
  • Low Maintenance—leave compliance and order page maintenance to us
  • Speed—faster and easier than implementing your own checkout page,
    especially if you need to begin accepting online orders quickly
  • Basic Customizing—customize basic visual elements and messaging for
    your customers
  • Virtually Transparent—customers move seamlessly from your product
    pages to our hosted order form

What technical skills are required?

Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile is very easy to implement and requires
minimal scripting knowledge. We offer sample code in Perl, PHP, JSP,
ASP.NET and Ruby. The three main actions are:

  • Generate a security key within the CyberSource environment. Place it onto
    your own Web server to validate your identity to our systems
  • Configure your order page by accepting defaults or customizing it
  • Modify your Web script (copy and paste) so that an HTML "Buy" button
    appears on your checkout page

You can implement the Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile in two ways:

  • Default: use the default receipt/decline pages and messages with limited
    customization options
  • Customized: have full control to use your own receipt/decline pages and
CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile replaces the CyberSource Hosted Order Page.

Secure Acceptance Silent Order POST replaces the CyberSource Silent Order POST.

Implementation Guides

Secure Acceptance Silent Order POST Development Guide
Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile Configuration Guide